Legacy Verbal Brand Identity

GlaxoSmithKline hired multiple agencies to compete in developing a verbal Brand identity for a new, blockbuster asthma treatment’s US launch. Seretide, the product’s Brand name in Europe, had one of the most effective product launches in the Company’s history, which placed a tremendous amount of importance on the product’s US debut.

Launching in 2001, brandsymbol principals’ victorious verbal identity, Advair, clearly communicates the product’s key benefit to asthma patients by combining the phrase “advantage air.” This originative Brand identity guided a successful US product launch, leading to sales figures that exceeded expectations.

Brandsymbol principals’ mutually beneficial relationship with GlaxoSmithKline has resulted in an active relationship, leading to current and future client assignments. Brandsymbol continues to leverage past healthcare branding experience, such as Advair, to successfully impact a diverse array of world-class healthcare clients.

NOTE: Legacy case studies have been completed by brandsymbol principals prior to brandsymbol’s inception.

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