Book List for Brand Naming Inspiration

Effective branding guides the consumer to choose your offering in a crowded array of alternatives. For this reason, your brand name is a critical point of differentiation to offer a sustainable competitive advantage. When developing your brand name, it is key to utilize your resources and explore different creative avenues. To spark some inspiration, we’ve put together a list of 3 books that will take you outside the box and into a more innovative mindset.

For the brander interested in utilizing the Latin language, consider “Latin Phrases & Quotations” by Richard A. Branyon. With over 4,250 entries, this sourcebook will immerse you in this classical language. Brand names such as Volvo meaning “I roll” and Novartis Pharmaceuticals which is derived from “novae artes” meaning “new skills” are both examples of successful Latin inspired companies.

If you’re looking for a rhythmic and catchy name, consider skimming the “Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Rhyming Dictionary”. This pocket-sized lexicon is a convenient guide for branders looking for a fun and memorable name, think brands like Topshop and Reese’s Pieces.

Lastly, if you’re looking for a visual name that conjures an image or symbol, then check out “The Book of Symbols” by Taschen. Names like Jaguar communicates speed, agility, and streamlined natural design and is derived from what the animal signifies.

Your brand name is the face of your company or product so it’s critical to get it right! Take advantage of these resources to guide you on your journey and establish a brand name that tells a story and connects you directly to your audience.