The world’s leading business brands look to our branding agency for guidance, creation, and execution of branding initiatives, including corporate identity, brand naming, strategy, architecture, market research, and visual design. Developing a new business brand has become increasingly difficult, with millions of registered trademarks ranging from AI platforms to industrial controls. Your name not only needs to stand out in the crowd, it must be available to trademark and free of linguistic blunders.

With experience spanning multiple decades, our leadership team taps into industry-specific knowledge across many sectors, in order to build business brands that are made for more.

Let’s get down to business

200+ years of combined business brand experience leads to solutions that are data-driven and highly-focused on your specific target audiences.

No Naming Databases

Your brand isn’t cookie cutter, and we don’t utilize a previously concepted bank of names to pull from for your project. Our global team of naming experts approaches each project individually, to develop original, inventive ideas that are specific to you, your brand, your industry, and your goals. We’re all about recycling, but not for the work we do for clients.

Trademark Paralegals On Staff

Our team includes trademark paralegals who screen and vet each name candidate we show to you using a combination of tools that include more than 238 international trademark databases. We want to make sure we are only putting viable options in front of your team and take the necessary steps up front to do so.

Experience In Your Industry

Transportation, technology, industrial, and professional services, just to name a few. Our senior leadership team is equipped with global expertise across countless business-focused industries and has navigated the complexities and nuances of each. We speak your same language, which helps us get down to business quickly and efficiently.

Global Linguistics Evaluation

The world will likely be your stage, and making sure your brand is received well in every market you’ll enter is our top priority. This thorough evaluation is conducted in your 10 identified primary language markets, with in-country, native language-speaking professionals, to ensure the names communicate the correct messaging across all geographic regions.

In It Until You Win It

We guarantee a partnership until the name is approved. Period.

The Evolution of Business Brand Building.

In today’s climate, having an exceptionally run business is not enough. Competition is fiercer than ever, and a unique brand strategy and perception is integral to gaining market share, growing revenue, and retaining customers.

With our proprietary i4 Methodology, we take a data-driven and creative approach to developing a business brand your customers will love.



“I would highly recommend Brandsymbol as they dramatically pushed the Apperson Brand forward with the superior work quality.”