Proclaim XR™

Abbott Neuromodulation’s planned entry into the marketplace would pioneer expectations for a recharge-free neurostimulation system for people living with chronic pain. How can well-established practices, as well as perceived benefits of rechargeable technology, be disrupted by this enhanced technology? What are the priorities Pain Management Specialists place on battery life for a wide array of patients who suffer from chronic pain, and what are the best ways to reach them with evolved technological claims?

Brandsymbol utilized our proprietary i4 methodology to create messaging and positioning recommendations for Abbott’s Neuromodulation System. We began by conducting a comprehensive audit of current and past recharge-free and rechargeable technologies, including competitive products. We reviewed this audit along with an analysis of past research studies and other strategic considerations for messaging and positioning in a Strategy Workshop involving the core Abbott Neuromodulation team. This allowed us to create a Project Guide outlining the parameters for successful research development. Brandsymbol then detailed the priorities for optimal messaging creation and execution in a comprehensive Moderator’s Guide to be utilized in the qualitative interviews. These in-depth interviews with target physician audiences, screened according to the Project Guide were conducted. We explored and critiqued these strategically-aligned messages for ultimate recharge-free communications, aligned with customer preferences. These interviews were conducted in conjunction with the quantitative survey development, integrating insights from the qualitative interviews. Quantitative research among target medical professionals and research analysis and integration of qualitative and quantitative findings was created and discussed in a final presentation with accompanying messaging and positioning recommendations.

Based on directives from the i4 Methodology, Brandsymbol recommended an optimal messaging strategy for the recharge-free technology that 1) effectively leveraged the researched opportunities as to persuasive distinctiveness;  2) aligned audience needs, expectations, and motivations for recharge-free technology with executable elements that matched them; and, 3) provided directions toward the implementation of a Proclaim extension strategy with the XR suffix, along with educational steps that would consistently reinforce superiority claims and their accompanying benefits.