Sanofi – a Fortune 500, multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in France – is a key player in Diabetes Management Care, offering a complete range of treatments that target each state of the disease. The company discovered a need in the market for a biosimilar of insulin Lispro to give physicians, pharmacists, and patients a rapid-acting solution that can be taken within minutes of a meal. Sanofi engaged Brandsymbol, recognizing us as a strategic partner, to develop a globally viable proprietary brand name for the company’s first biosimilar product.

Brandsymbol delivered the distinctive yet relatable proprietary brand name ADMELOG® to strategically position this biosimilar in the market, by utilizing the “-LOG” suffix from existing rapid-acting insulin analogs (e.g., Humalog, Novolog) while positioning it favorability against these competitors alphabetically. The word parts “AD” and “ME” allude to the addition of this product close to mealtime, which differentiates this biosimilar from the traditional insulin Lispro products.

ADMELOG®, along with being strategically positioned in the marketplace, was one of the top performing brand name candidates at the conclusion of in-depth safety, regulatory, and commercial testing among key Endocrinologists, Primary Care Physicians, Diabetes Nurses, Pharmacists, and Type 1 and Type 2 Patients around the world. Leading to Brandsymbol ’s development of submission reports for the FDA and Canada, resulting in ADMELOG approval in SEP 2017.