GE Ultrasound

As a global leader in medical technology and digital healthcare solutions, GE Healthcare enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications, and services. With an already successful portfolio of ultrasounds, GE engaged Brandsymbol to evaluate their current naming architecture and develop a strategy for these offerings that would offer a clear, cohesive, and coherent message to target audiences.

Every naming strategy and architecture project begins with asking the right questions. Through our transformative i4 Methodology, Brandsymbol investigated the current naming architecture through a full audit of GE’s ultrasound portfolio and customer segments to provide key insights into the current naming situation and indicate the greatest areas of opportunity. Then, working closely with the GE project team, Brandsymbol capitalized on the opportunity by driving insightful discussion and the development of an optimal naming architecture for current and future ultrasound products.

By adopting a highly strategic naming strategy with specific guidelines and naming processes, GE was able to improve brand awareness and positioning within target audiences. With these insights and strategy, a confusing and inconsistent architecture with more than one hundred and fifty trademarks was pared down to less than fifty clearly aligned brand names, product names, and descriptors that strategically aligned with the key innovations and features of the offerings. In addition to this optimized communication through strategic brand names, the amount of time required to develop new brand names and trademark costs were substantially reduced and controlled for future rollouts.