Brandsymbol volunteered to donate their time to Room at the Inn in pursuit of a rebrand that better fit with their noble cause. “MiraVia http://mira-via.org/ is a safe haven and source of hope for pregnant mothers and their children. They help young families move toward a new life of hopeful, independent, and healthy living.”

“[Their] state of the art residential facility at the Belmont Abbey College campus provides free housing and support for pregnant college students throughout their pregnancy and beyond. Expectant students from any college or university are welcome to stay at [their] residential facility up until their child turns two years old while they pursue their academic and personal goals.

MiraVia provides a supportive environment with all the amenities of campus life so that pregnant students can continue their higher education and their pregnancy. The program includes private living space, meals, professional counseling, limited childcare, life-skills classes, and much more for up to two years.” From MiraVia:

“With the decision made to change the name, Room At The Inn providentially met the CEO of Brandsymbol, whose company has helped major entities such as Microsoft, Cadillac, Nabisco and MANY more develop house-hold names we all know. Through Brandsymbol’s generosity, Room At The Inn began the nine month process of developing a new identity.

Over 300 names were developed using the criteria we provided and over the course of several meetings the naming committee and ultimately, the board of directors voted unanimously on MiraVia. The name itself invokes the Latin language to mean “Miraculous Way.” No brand is complete without a logo, and MiraVia’s logo is also the product of hard work and inspiration. The blue and gold image features a star of Bethlehem in homage to the original Room At The Inn, as well as the look of a compass to symbolize the guiding help provided through its residential and outreach programs. Even more, the logo includes Marian blue, royal gold and the eight pointed star, all subtle references to the Blessed Mother. Finally, the compass-like image reminds us to follow Jesus, who is “the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

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