Hologic provides healthcare solutions in Breast and Skeletal Health and Diagnostics, along with their surgical products that address debilitating conditions that affect women. Having previously partnered with Brandsymbol on other projects, Hologic required assistance with the creation of a Brand name for an evolutionary product within their gynecologic line. Hologic was introducing an addition to the NovaSure system, specifically a 6mm product to complement the existing 8mm product for endometrial ablation procedures. The slimmer and longer design would provide added convenience to both OBGYNs and their patients.

Brandsymbol team members worked closely with Hologic to firmly understand the established equity of the NovaSure brand. Global naming professionals were engaged to develop modifier options that would align with the strategy, as well as work well with the established NovaSure message of endometrial ablation surgery effectiveness. After 3 successive rounds of name presentations, a prioritized list of 15 modifiers was formulated. The modifiers were then taken to target audience physicians, nurses and, patients in market validation research and linguistics analysis was conducted both on the individual modifier options and their interactivity with NovaSure.

After close analysis of the research and linguistics results, the NovaSure ADVANCED name was chosen as the optimal Brand. Brandsymbol confirmed that the established NovaSure Brand was the most influential factor in the Brand messaging, and that independence from the NovaSure Brand was not the optimal strategy. Post-launch sales have exceeded expectations, validating the decision of the ADVANCED modifier.