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Hilton Hotels & Resorts is a global brand of full-service hotels and resorts and the flagship brand of the American multinational hospitality company, Hilton. With a commitment to every type of traveler and trip, Hilton required a brand name for their new premium economy brand of conversion hotels that will revitalize the economy experience. This name needed to reflect simplicity and smartness, delivering the “thoughtful essentials,” reliability, and the equity and quality inherent in the Hilton brand, delivered at a more attainable price.


Working closely with the Hilton project team, Brandsymbol delivered and validated the brand name Spark. This one-syllable, memorable name evokes simplicity, brightness, warmth, and welcome. Packed with energy, it invites the target audience who appreciates the fun and joy of travel with a temporary home that’s functional, economical, and high value. Spark was registered and launched in January 2023 and has since received industry recognition as a promising new brand under the Hilton umbrella

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