Toyota capstone

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Toyota Motor Corporation is a multinational automotive manufacturer that produces over 10 million vehicles per year. Their team partnered with Brandsymbol to create a name for the new model of their Tundra truck after encountering trademark issues for a previously generated name, “Ultra.” Our team conducted multiple rounds of creative and rigorous internal testing to develop the name Capstone, which is similarly bold and impactful but more distinctive within the automotive marketplace. Strategic creative discussions revealed the need for a name that conveyed the traits premium, proud, and established without sounding boastful or ostentatious. The name Capstone provides a sense of pride and ownership and positions this powerful luxury truck as a “crowning achievement” within the industry. The Tundra Capstone was unveiled in January of 2022 and set to release the following spring.
“It was an absolute pleasure working with the team at Brandsymbol. Their systematic yet creative approach to naming convinced our team to operate outside of our comfort zone & evaluate options we would have never come up with on our own. It was exactly what the project needed to push us into break-through territory, & we’ve been extremely satisfied with customer reaction to the name options they presented. I look forward to working with Brandsymbol again when our next naming project arrives.”

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