ActivMode & ReAX

Naming | Business

The Situation

The ZF Friedrichschafen (then TRW) team developed two new steering technologies to assist drivers that would be revolutionary in the automotive and technology space for their unique advancements. With Brandsymbol’s rich experience in the automotive and technology industries, TRW knew we were right for the job.

The Solution

After just two rounds of targeted creative, the team was able to select the most optimal name candidates for the industryleading steering platforms. Internal buy-in from executives was established through an online survey tool hosted by Brandsymbol, and the rollout of the names was both simple and easy with top-down approval of the project.

The Success

After a final presentation and recommendation, the two names TRW chose for this initiative were ActivMode & ReAX. Both names are highly descriptive yet utilize completely different naming structures. ActivModea descriptive neologismsuggests an active and actionmode gear, while ReAX conveys reaction, ergonomics, and intuitive technology encompassed in one centralized system.