Naming | Consumer

The Situation

Chattem (acquired by Sanofi in 2010) developed a new, over-the-counter (OTC) solution for allergy sufferers.  Intended to work with traditional allergy treatments, this new offering targeted secondary allergy symptoms (fatigue, lack of mental clarity, trouble sleeping and other symptoms) that were not being alleviated by existing allergy medications. Because allergies are typically seasonal, consumers must be reeducated at the start of each season for allergy products to remain top-of-mind and relevant. With increasing competition and retailers’ reluctance to give the allergy category more space, the allergy aisle was becoming very crowded and confusing to consumers. Chattem’s new OTC product, a drug-free allergy health supplement will be introduced as “from the makers of Allegra Allergy” which leverages its Rx history and is crucial in the seasonal allergy market.

The Solution

Brandsymbol leveraged creative concepts that clearly communicated key aspects of the seasonal allergy consumers’ lifestyle while alluding to the product’s descriptive cues. Three naming strategies were developed to provide a clear path to successfully create a strong brand name:

  1. Allergy Association: tying the name back to the allergy industry and its Rx legacy by utilizing word parts from allergy and Allegra.
  2. Complimentary Solution: alluding to the product’s added benefits by highlighting that it provides a solution that works with current allergy medications.
  3. Consumer Lifestyle: communicating the resulting aspirational changes that the target consumers’ lifestyle will experience by using this product.

Brandsymbol explored these naming strategies and presented three successive list presentations of diverse OTC name candidates to the Chattem team.

The Success

Following the list presentations, the Chattem team selected their top 10 name candidates for Name Validation Research. This external market research provided the clear and concise fact-based data necessary to support the final recommendation of a world-class OTC name: AllerLife. Brandsymbol’s creative approach resulted in a consumer-focused brand that is descriptive, aspirational and clearly associated with Allegra.