Corporate ID | Business

The Situation

Apperson provides innovative data services and solutions designed to advance educational and professional development. With the data service market shifting, Apperson needed to rebrand the Company’s educational segment to provide academic, social and emotional support, without deterring existing and future corporate customers. Apperson challenged Brandsymbol to quickly deliver a world-class verbal and visual Brand Identity, including a logo and tagline, that encompass the Company’s diverse customer base.

The Solution

Prior to developing a verbal and visual Brand Identity, Brandsymbol recognized – through rigorous industry and product analysis – a need for a new positioning strategy. Apperson’s current product-driven strategy ambiguously defined the Company’s different target audiences, creating customer confusion. Brandsymbol realigned Apperson’s segments, establishing a client-focused strategy that positions the Company as an industry leader across targeted market segments.

Brandsymbol utilized the new positioning strategy to deliver a comprehensive verbal and visual Brand Identity for Apperson’s, now client-focused, product offerings. Through a progressive tagline-creation process, Brandsymbol delivered “Know More. Be More.” which appropriately represents the common goal between Company and client: Knowledge. In addition, Brandsymbol delivered a world-class logo that is easily recognizable and flexible across all segments.

The Success

In just four weeks, Brandsymbol delivered an innovative positioning strategy with a powerful visual and verbal Brand Identity. To maximize Apperson’s Brand identity long-term, Brandsymbol created Brand essence guidelines. These guidelines clearly define the new product offering structure as well as Brand specifications and utilization in all future branding efforts. Apperson has successfully used the provided guidelines to redesign the Company’s website around the new, more flexible brand.