Medical Device Manufacturer

Strategy and Research | Healthcare Solutions

The Situation

To optimize this medical device manufacturer’s brand architecture, Brandsymbol collected qualitative information from 67 key stakeholders, across all 6 business units, & all 7 global regions. Based on these insights, the perceived problem – 7 specific, & seemingly unrelated, naming issues – was redefined as a broad, 3-part problem.

The Solution

Using its proprietary CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS SCORECARD, Brandsymbol analyzed existing numerical data, & primary research data from its online survey, to verify qualitative feedback. This detailed, quantitative scorecard uncovered a wealth of meaningful insights.

The Success

Based on key insights from its qualitative & quantitative analyses, Brandsymbol recommended an optimal Branding solution that quickly generated client CEO approval, & widespread executive support (described as violently enthusiastic), throughout the organization. This plan effectively & efficiently addressed all initial problems.

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