Auto Tech Provider

Strategy and Research | Consumer

The Situation

Challenged by a leading, global automotive technology provider, Brandsymbol provided strategic direction for the Company’s unprecedented technology placing the car at the center of a driver-connected universe. This unique, smartkey initiative harnessed the power of the Company & its customers to improve & simplify life for key stakeholders…who are currently overwhelmed with too much information, & too little time to use it.

The Solution

Brandsymbol initiated its analysis by preparing a white paper that investigated lifestyle branding as a potential Company marketing tool, & then proposed a marketing plan to effectively & efficiently optimize stakeholder benefits.
Briefly, this white paper analyzed all key aspects of lifestyle branding

The Success

Driven by white-paper learning, Brandsymbol prepared a customer presentation detailing how the smart-key
platform builds near-term sales, & long-term owner loyalty, for key automotive manufacturers. Customers provided
overwhelmingly positive feedback – “This is exactly what we have been looking for…” to the new program.

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