Naming | Business

The Situation

GE Appliances created a new type of gas burner that uses an electronic gas valve in combination with sensors on the cooktop, grates, or pans that allows the valve to self-regulate flow in order to maintain a specified temperature. The overall project objective was to develop legally viable brand names for these innovative new burners that are both subjective and descriptive. The selected brand names will need to be versatile enough to be used within GE Appliances multiple lines and brands while also clearly distinguishing itself from the competition.

The Solution

Brandsymbol knew that developing an innovative and strategic name would require three progressive list presentations following an in-depth workshop with the GE Team. Each list presentation strategically and creatively focused on conveying the revolutionary technology of the gas burner to ensure the target audience understood its innovation. After guiding the GE team throughout each presentation, Brandsymbol was able to continue refining the creative until the perfect name was left; ChefConnect.

The Success

ChefConnect combines two current usage words, Chef + Connect to accurately explain the function of the gas burner that utilizes the electric valve. Not only is the name Chef Connect straight forward with no heavy marketing required but it also conveys the overall feature of connectivity.