Naming | Pharma

The Situation

Infinity Pharmaceuticals and Abbvie entered into a global collaboration to develop and commercialize duvelisib. Duvelisib had shown clinical activity across a broad range of hematological malignancies however Infinity and Abbvie were focused on treating indolent non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (iNHL) and chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). Duvelisib is an evolutionary cancer therapy offering an oral, dual P13K inhibitor that delivers the power of combination therapy in a single pill. On the heels of promising clinical trial data, Infinity and Abbvie requested that Brandsymbol assist them in developing a brand name for duvelisib.

The Solution

Brandsymbol wanted to highlight the power of a combination therapy in a single pill. The aspirational concept was an analogy where black and white piano keys, can play music alone, but together- this music is only enhanced; similarly, duvelisib is comprised of both delta and gamma inhibitors, working together to enhance the efficacy of chemo-free cancer therapy in one single pill.

The Success

Copiktra highlights many of the creative cues both Abbvie and Infinity wanted to accentuate with the brand name. The prefix, “Co” has a dual meaning alluding to the “Courage” required by the patient to forgo opioids as well as the “Combination Therapy” in a single pill. “Pik” as the infix refers to the PI3K oral inhibitor and the suffix, “Tra” comes from “Transformational,” recognizing the power this product may have for patients and caregivers.