Naming | Business

The Situation

BASF, the world’s largest chemical producer, charged Brandsymbol with creating the name for their revolutionary new catalytic emissions control system, the first of its kind to meet US Environmental Protection Agency certification requirements for the US Urban Bus Retrofit Program. Built across multiple acquisitions, BASF’s existing emissions control systems have millions of miles of proven performance across a variety of different vehicles, but how were they to introduce this groundbreaking new product in a way deserving of its spot atop their portfolio in this category?

The Solution

Brandsymbol’s world-class creative work combined with rigorous internal testing at BASF and extensive name validation in target markets and with end-users, yielded the name “EMPRO™.” As a master Brand, EMPRO™ introduces the product as exactly what it is: emissions protection. Tied to its importance as a critical environmental protection measure, the simplicity of EMPRO™ defines leadership in the product category.

The Success

EMRPO ™ now stands as a clear consistent, and compelling nomenclature strategy for their entire emerging Catalytic Technology platform, both aligning with the BASF corporate branding strategy and providing an architecture for the naming of future products.