Karbinal™ ER

Design | Healthcare Solutions

The Situation

Carbinoxamine Maleate was a well know successful medication dating back to the 1950s and was just what the Doctor ordered for children suffering from mild to severe allergies. In collaboration with Tris Pharmaceuticals, FSC Pediatrics licensed Karbinal ER (extended release) – a re-formulation for pediatrics. Armed with a great product and brand name that had never been launched, FSC needed an agency to deliver a comprehensive brand and launch program. That’s where Brandsymbol came in.

The Solution

The messaging and positioning for Karbinol ER, “What is your next level of symptomatic relief,” spoke to the elevated trust behind Carbinoxamine Maleate as well as the innovation to extend to pediatrics. The color, typography, and graphics were chosen to convey the emotional benefit behind this product for pediatric patients. The image of Karbinal ER as a bridge, facilitating the child to cross over seasonal and perennial allergic rhinitis to engage with others outdoors, speaks directly to the patient and positions Karbinal ER as a helpful, supportive partner in health. The fluid design of collateral provided a clear and compelling story to audiences while also integrating easy and digestible information on the product.

The Success

FSC enjoyed a successful launch, both internally in Orlando, FL with over 100 FSC pharmaceutical reps in attendance and externally, and Karbinal ER continues to enjoy steady growth and success with pediatric patients, caregivers, and HCPs when more than an OTC solution is needed to combat their allergy symptoms.