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The Situation

Leica Geosystems is a world leader in scene capture solutions for public safety applications. With a long-anticipated launch of a new high-tech handheld GPS measuring device product, they needed to develop a cohesive branding strategy to implement campaigns. After one unsuccessful attempt, they turned to Brandsymbol to create a brand for this new, cutting edge device.

The Solution

Working with the core team of marketing and product development team in Switzerland, Brandsymbol used our proprietary i4 methodology to lead targeted discussions and uncover key attributes to leverage within the Zeno 20 brand. Then, Brandsymbol developed a positioning concept and visuals that connect ZENO 20 with its audience and end-user. As the device was created with the end-user in mind, that purpose also drove the branding to create a brand with end-user focus that leveraged usability, customer experience, and optimum quality and results for the people who use this device every day.

The Success

Brandsymbol created a tagline and visuals that speak directly to the end-user, communicating the advanced capabilities and top-of-the line customer experience. “More than GPS” messaging and positioning speaks directly to the high functionality of this device while the design leveraged the quality of this product with a cohesiveness to the overall Leica brand. The image of the shadow of a surveyor in a field directly reflects how the engineers and surveyors will use this product every day. This concept successfully explained the functionality to the audience without words in a unique and ownable way. Brandsymbol also developed collateral such as brochures, advertisements and trade show materials for the product launch which went on to be highly successful, establishing this product as a top tier surveying tool. In the first six months after launch, the demand for ZENO 20 throughout Europe and the Americas exceeded expectations and continues today, expanding the already large footprint for geospatial tools.