Naming | Healthcare Solutions

The Situation

GenSight Biologics’ new product LUMEVOQ was an exciting new treatment for LHON, the most common mitochondrial disease-causing bilateral blindness in the prime of life.

Brandsymbol was engaged to create a visual brand identity that would effectively and efficiently communicate to GenSight ’s target audiences what exactly the benefits of this new compound would be.

The Solution

Brandsymbol began concept exploration around the ideas of cutting-edge technology, gene therapy, eyes, and clarity of vision. Successful designs would help establish GenSight Biologics and LUMEVOQ as an authority and leader in the application of gene therapy to treat LHON.

The Success

The final design is a visual brand identity that successfully communicates both the technological and humanistic aspects of LUMEVOQ. The colors, typography, and graphics all work together to continuously reinforce these concepts.

A design of circles forms the upper and lower shape in a representation of an eye. The brand name LUMEVOQ is created from a customized design of the typeface Josefin Sans, while the sharp angles of the wordmark communicate technological excellence with a smoother, more human touch added to the “Q ’s: tail. The soft brand color palette lends additional empathy for patients suffering with LHON.