Naming | Consumer

The Situation

Benelli USA required a brand name for their new bolt-action rifle, a product market that was to be brand new to the gun manufacturer. The development process had to explore opportunities that leveraged the established brand equity of Benelli, while also taking advantage of the opportunity to create a new innovative brand name that was legally available.

The Solution

Brandsymbol and Benelli, on an expedited timeline to meet their target launch date, had to develop an immediate creative strategy that would provide a targeted approach. Developing a name that truly represented the power and innovation of this new bolt-action rifle was the key goal. Brandsymbol utilized this targeted approach and provided a group of bold and confident names for the Benelli team to choose from.

The Success

Lupo™ is the Italian word for wolf. Benelli, being an Italian company, liked Lupo especially because of the local translation that fit closely with the master brand. An “apex predator ” that was “top of the food chain ” was exactly the bold statement the company wanted to make with their introduction to a new market.