NV Energy

NV Energy

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The Situation

Brandsymbol draws on over 250 years of industry experience to create world-class brands. One of these solutions includes a naming project for an up-and-coming energy company. Nevada Power, Sierra Pacific Power, and Sierra Pacific Resources provided clean and efficient energy in one of the fastest-growing states in the U.S. To keep up with their rapid growth, they commissioned Brandsymbol President and CEO Clayton D. Tolley to explore various options to rebrand.

The Solution

During the early 2000’s power utility companies rebranded themselves for a myriad of reasons, spanning from mergers and acquisitions to brand reputation following issues such as rolling blackouts or reliable delivery.
Under Michael Yackira’s leadership, it was decided that a single unifying brand would position the company for success for decades to come.

The Success

A new name is not always the most straightforward answer, but it was the best answer for these three power companies as it would unite them under one brand and propel them forward. NV Energy was developed utilizing the state’s abbreviation in conjunction with ‘energy’ as a strong identifier. This direct but powerful solution emerged as a clear winner among internal and external audiences. After implementation, NV Energy became a household name, proudly serving Nevada with a service area covering over 44,000 square miles.