Naming | Business

The Situation

GE Appliance requested a new product brand name for an innovative all in one dryer. The dryer had a front-facing load and unload system with a stool attached, to lift the dryer door closer to the user. This was a first of its kind product and GE required a brand name that described the uniqueness of the product in the market.

The Solution

Brandsymbol was able to pull invaluable creative direction from conversations surrounding the product background and creative ideation sessions with the GE Team. From this strategic input, Brandsymbol provided 3 rounds of creative that perfectly correlated with the product’s uniqueness and the value it would provide to the consumer.

The Success

RightHeight™ not only describes the product’s capabilities accurately but also is a name that differentiates itself from anything else in the marketplace. The goal of the dryer was to eliminate the user from bending down so far to unload and to avoid the hassle of buying a separate dryer stool. The RightHeight™ dryer conveys the product function literally, succinctly, and creatively.