Corporate ID | Consumer

The Situation

Entrepreneur and leading franchise holder of three, separate home service companies – Mister Sparky: Home Electrical Service, Benjamin Franklin Plumbing, and One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating – needed to develop one, unifying corporate brand encompassing and consolidating all current and future services. Brandsymbol was tasked with developing a comprehensive brand identity, both verbal and visual, that would strategically position and differentiate the new company against national competitors.

The Solution

Brandsymbol created the all-encompassing corporate identity RighTime, with accompanying visual design. The developed identity verbally emphasizes the company’s timeliness, while visually utilizing a green roof to strategically position the company as a professional, ecofriendly “one stop shop”. In addition to a corporate identity, Brandsymbol produced four service logos for RighTime’s different offerings (e.g., air conditioning, heating, plumbing, electrical).

To maximize RighTime’s brand identity long-term, Brandsymbol created brand essence guidelines. Within these guidelines, Brandsymbol established a differentiating color palette, utilizing purple and green, to further position RighTime apart from the national competition.

The Success

Brandsymbol delivered a world-class brand identity that positively gained brand equity among homeowners. The bold color palette has successfully positioned RighTime as a professional home services corporation, competing against competitors of all sizes. RighTime’s unifying corporate identity, along with the four product offering’s logos, are successfully utilized across all corporate materials (i.e., website, company trucks, apparel, letterhead).