Naming | Pharma

The Situation

Intersect ENT – a medical technology Company located in Menlo Park, California – is committed to providing physicians treatment of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) conditions to improve the quality of life for patients. Best known for developing the first bioabsorbable drug-eluting sinus stent PROPEL, Intersect ENT was in need of a strategic partner to consult them on appropriate naming strategies and lead them through their first regulatory submission. Brandsymbol was engaged to develop a proprietary brand name for this less invasive, steroid-releasing sinus implant for patients with recurring ethmoid sinus obstructions.

The Solution

Brandsymbol first focused its global name generation exploring three different naming strategies:

1. Unique, suggestive name with no association to PROPEL.

2. Unique name associating to PROPEL (i.e., leveraging word parts).

3. Descriptive modifier to the existing PROPEL brand name.

While PROPEL was the brand that Intersect ENT was known for, it became clear – after strategically discussing the first round of creative – that this new product deserved a stand-alone brand and gave Intersect ENT the opportunity to expand their Brand Portfolio.

Brandsymbol delivered the functional proprietary brand name SINUVA on-time to meet the predetermined product launch date. SINUVA appropriately positions this product within the ENT market, leveraging the “SIN-” prefix to relate this product with sinuses. While further alluding to the implant’s benefits utilizing the “NU” word part and “-VA” suffix for the transforming and renewing of the sinuses that patients with this product implanted experience.

The Success

Brandsymbol developed the submission reports and coordinated with the FDA throughout the submission process on the introduction of the POCA 4.0 system and providing further articulation of the distinct product profile; leading to the approval of SINUVA in MAY 2017.

Delighted with the level of professionalism and expertise, both creatively and on safety and regulatory regulations that Brandsymbol provided throughout the process, Intersect ENT continued the branding partnership immediately, extending the project scope into visual design. Brandsymbol developed a simple yet recognizable logo and packaging design that were consistent with the regulatory requirements.