Trishula Therapeutics

Trishula Therapeutics

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The Situation

A privately held, clinical-stage immunotherapy company developing first-in-class medicines to deliver transformational benefits for people with cancer, South San Francisco-based Tizona Therapeutics (“Tizona”) translates scientific breakthroughs into therapeutics that stimulate the immune system and counter immune suppression. Brandsymbol previously worked with MPM Capital to create Tizona’s corporate brand (verbal and visual) identity.

On July 21, 2020, Gilead Sciences (“Gilead”) announced an investment of $300 million to acquire a 49.9% equity interest in Tizona with an exclusive option to acquire the remainder of Tizona. Prior to closing the Gilead transaction, the Tizona team spun out their lead asset, TTX-030, and created a new company: Trishula Therapeutics.

Trishula was charged with demonstrating TTX-030’s clinical proof-of-concept; following that, AbbVie will assume worldwide licensing rights to TTX-030. Based on our previous work to create Tizona’s corporate brand identity, the Trishula team commissioned Brandsymbol to develop a distinct and memorable visual identity for the new company.

The Solution

After conducting a thorough investigative stage and in-depth, collaborative Strategy Workshop with the Trishula team, Brandsymbol honed in on several key strategic insights and creative attributes to explore. Tizona is the name of one of the swords carried by El Cid, Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar. In keeping with that theme, the Trishula name is derived from the Sanskrit word त्रिशूल (triśūla) – from त्रि (trí), meaning “three”, and शूल (śū́la), meaning “a sharp iron pin or stake”. A “trishula” is the divine Hindu symbol for the trident wielded by the god Shiva. Paired with the letter “T” to reference “T-cells”, the Trishula name represents a focused, T-cell-targeting therapy that is a powerful weapon against cancer. These and other selected key traits were used to create the most optimal visual options through iconography, typography, and color palettes that convey our identified critical attributes. After prioritizing the top 4 designs, our evaluative stage clearly identified the final logo selection through “Fit to Concept” and “Favorite Choice” metrics. Brandsymbol also provided the Trishula team with a comprehensive brand style guide that establishes guidelines for the corporate identity’s proper usage.

The Success

Trishula’s visual identity stands out from most healthcare companies (whose color palates are heavily focused on blue and greens) because of its deep red font color. The logo utilizes a very unique font that creates a strong tone and feeling to match the company name’s strong meaning. The icon perfectly reflects its trident origins while while also portraying a torch – communicating innovation and a guiding light. After successfully launching their new visual identity, Trishula is now a standalone clinical-stage company dedicated to the development of TTX-030, a first-in-class, anti-CD39 antibody being studied in advanced cancers in multiple indications.

[8:49 AM] Jacob Lindgren