Naming | Pharma

The Situation

Churchill Pharmaceuticals required the development of a proprietary brand name for their new prostate cancer treatment, SoluMatrix Abirateron Acetate (SAA). This new treatment would directly compete with Janssen’s Zytiga which was generating $2.5 Billion in annual worldwide sales revenue, but with generics of Zytiga expected to be unavailable until 2026, it was important to position SAA as a viable alternative.

The Solution

Brandsymbol, throughout conversations with Churchill Pharmaceuticals, centered in on a few key points of differentiation for the product. First, a 500mg dose of SAA was demonstrated to be the bioequivalent to a 1,000mg dose of Zytiga. Secondly, SAA reduced “food effect” (the effects of food on the rate and extent of absorption of a drug when it is administered shortly after a meal) when compared to its competitor.

The Success

Yonsa rose to the top in the testing with 83% of respondents describing it as easy to pronounce and 82% having an overall positive or neutral first impression. Additionally, Yonsa scored very well within the attributes of ‘Simple, ’ ‘Approachable, ’ and ‘Reliable ’ making it the right choice for Churchill Pharmaceuticals. According to Churchill Pharmaceuticals, “Brandsymbol is an extremely organized, dedicated team of players who know how to get the job done! They can rally together and roll up their sleeves to do whatever it takes. Brandsymbol is a great asset to any organization, strategic and action-oriented. ”