Naming | Business

The Situation

BASF requested a proposal outlining the creation of a brand name for a web-based application to be a “Virtual Pharma Assistant” The application states “Whether you are looking for the right formulation or product solution or need compliance documentation, your Virtual Pharma Assistant is there, whenever and wherever you need it.” Brandsymbol has enjoyed a strong agency relationship within BASF over the past few years working on similar naming initiatives, but this project was with an entirely new division of the company.

The Solution

Brandsymbol lead a thorough discussion with the BASF team and the strategic & creative direction was established with a focus on “suggestive hybrid neologisms” for the new application. The BASF team was determined to utilize a brand name that positioned the application as an intelligent & intuitive guide for pharmaceutical users.

“Brandsymbol has played an important role in helping to define the future direction of some of our most significant digital brands. Their methodologies and insights uncovered novel ideas and approaches, which will provide additional value for our customers and further differentiate us in the market.”

The Success

ZoomLab™ is a powerful & suggestive name which speaks to the revolutionary properties of the web-based application that allows pharmaceutical users to optimize formulations quickly & efficiently.