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The action of working together to produce something new.
Let us lay the foundation for your branding initiatives.


The process of bringing something into existence.
Let us build an identity that brings your Brand to life.


The act of imparting information, ideas, and concepts.
Let us ensure that your Brand delivers the right message.

i4 Methodology

A process is defined by its performance, and our proprietary i4 Methodology is designed to perform specifically in complex and competitive business environments. Purposefully customized for each client, our methodology is where art meets science. Engineered to generate branding solutions driven by rigorous, fact-based assessment, the i4 Methodology consistently produces superior results that are validated both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Client Testimonials

“We made the decision to engage the brandsymbol team with our corporate identity redesign and Brand repositioning project. We were consistently pleased with their strategic thinking, creative directions, emphasis on client service and adherence to our project’s timeline. I was also impressed that they always took every step necessary to make sure all members of the Apperson team were heard. I would highly recommend brandsymbol as they completed what they promised and dramatically pushed the Apperson Brand forward with the superior work quality.”

Corporate Verbal and Visual Brand Identity

“[Brandsymbol has] a more solid, fact-based, analytical approach while most firms base their efforts on subjectivity.”

Blue Cross Blue Shield
Brand Architecture & Verbal Brand Identity

“Brandsymbol has a creative strategic process, is extremely responsive and attentive to details, and goes above and beyond to meet customer expectations.”

Capital One
Verbal Brand Identity

“[Brandsymbol] quickly delivered professional designs that could be explored. One of the most noteworthy characteristics of the brandsymbol team is their ability to take constructive criticism, quickly applying changes while also developing the new design. We were incredibly pleased with the final creative product developed.”

Verbal Brand Identity

“Brandsymbol has a definite method they use, but were very flexible to read our particular situation and Company. We did not have to worry about some of the shifts in scope or focus – brandsymbol handled changes with grace and a view to building a long-term relationship, which made the project a pleasure.”

Verbal Brand Identity

“We are very happy we made the decision to work with brandsymbol. The customized approach brandsymbol applied to our project was well structured, strategic, and timely. It was clear that brandsymbol was on the same page as the Wendy’s team in regard to the creative direction we wanted to pursue, and this was evident in the results…We truly enjoyed working with them, not as a vendor, but as a partner.”

Verbal Brand Identity