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The action of working together to produce something new.
Let us lay the foundation for your branding initiatives.


The process of bringing something into existence.
Let us build an identity that brings your Brand to life.


The act of imparting information, ideas, and concepts.
Let us ensure that your Brand delivers the right message.

i4 Methodology

A process is defined by its performance, and our proprietary i4 Methodology is designed to perform specifically in complex and competitive business environments. Purposefully customized for each client, our methodology is where art meets science. Engineered to generate branding solutions driven by rigorous, fact-based assessment, the i4 Methodology consistently produces superior results that are validated both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Client Testimonials

“[Brandsymbol is a] full service Brand naming agency. Very customer focused and responsive, a true partner in the naming process.”

Acorda Therapeutics
Verbal Brand Identity

“[We’ve] worked with brandsymbol for just a short time but we have already collaborated on two product branding projects. [We were] really impressed with the entire brandsymbol team during the process. They certainly did their homework before the strategy meetings and really helped us get down to the essence of what we were trying to achieve with these brands. In the end, they delivered some great options for us and there was a clear winner in both cases.”

Bovie Medical
Verbal Brand Identity

“I have enlisted [brandsymbol’s] services to name the last 3 products I was responsible for and have been extremely happy with the results. More importantly, brandsymbol also stands behind their work. When the FDA rejected one tradename, brandsymbol worked closely with the team to identify a new name without charging us for the additional effort. I highly recommend them, both for their work product and for the people they have supporting the client. They are exceptional.”

AMAG Pharmaceuticals
Verbal Brand Identity

“Brandsymbol is an extremely organized, dedicated team of players who know how to get the job done! They can rally together and roll up their sleeves to do whatever it takes. Brandsymbol is a great asset to any organization, strategic and action oriented.”

Churchill Pharma
Verbal Brand Identity

“An exemplary group of branding professionals that gives the process the seriousness and respect it deserves but encourages a tone and presence of playfulness and fun beyond the typical corporate America. An aspiration for all office environments and working standards.”

FSC Pediatrics
Agency of Record Client

“From creativity to conducting regulatory due diligence, brandsymbol has been extremely professional and responsive to our needs. We now have two great name choices that we submitted to the FDA. I would highly recommend brandsymbol and look forward to another opportunity to work together.”

Intersect ENT
Verbal Brand Identity

“[Brandsymbol surpassed my expectations with their] dedication to the customer. I was amazed that so many team members were working on our project! … [Brandsymbol] was persistent in finding us a solution and never stopped trying.”

Verbal Brand Identity

“We enjoyed working with brandsymbol. They listened well, created good names (not those that look bizarre or are impossible to pronounce) and guided us through the testing, selection and filing process. They went out of their way to deliver ahead of schedule at short notice to meet our needs.”

Verbal Brand Identity