Haunting Halloween: Brand Makeovers & Marketing Tactics of 2023

As we creep closer to Halloween, brands are conjuring inventive, sometimes eerie, transformations to enchant their audiences. In the spirit of the season, we’re delving into the 2023 brand makeovers and marketing tactics to uncover how companies embrace the magic of tricks and treats.

Adidas’ Mod Low’ Jack O’Lantern’:

Adidas, renowned for its iconic sportswear, has fully embraced the Halloween spirit in 2023. This year, they’ve unveiled the Adidas Forum Mod Low’ Jack O’Lantern,’ a melding of style and spookiness. This unique sneaker boasts an unmistakable autumnal flair, with a captivating pumpkin emblem gracing the heel. Crafted from a leather, suede, and burlap fusion that exudes a rich, textured quality. Subtle design elements on the tongue and heel add a dash of sophistication to this Halloween-inspired footwear. With these enchanting shoes, you’re sure to leave an impression.

Colgate’s Halloween-themed Toothpaste:

In the lead-up to Halloween, Colgate injects a dose of delight into daily oral care by introducing their Halloween-themed toothpaste. This innovative approach transforms the act of brushing teeth, ensuring teeth cleaning is effective and a feast for the senses. Beyond its role in guaranteeing fresh breath, this toothpaste features water-soluble glitter, perfect for crafting holiday makeup looks. Colgate takes the experience a step further by encouraging consumers to repurpose the packaging into interactive props, ideal for shareable moments on social media. This harmonious blend of functionality and fun redefines our approach to oral care, setting a trend for a more engaging industry.

M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad:

Have you been dipping into your candy bowl a bit too often before Halloween night? Mars has your back with the “M&M’s Halloween Rescue Squad.” This squad is on call nationwide on Halloween to ensure that anyone at risk of running out of candy for trick-or-treaters has their candy stash replenished within the hour. Mars has partnered with GoPuff, a digital delivery service, to swiftly deliver Mars candy to participating locations while supplies last. They even offer a reward for purchasing Mars candy, making your Halloween even sweeter. It’s all about inspiring moments of everyday happiness this season.

Lego’s Spooky Sets Collection:

Lego, the master builder’s brand, has introduced a “Spooky Sets” collection for Halloween. These sets provide a creative and engaging way to celebrate the season, allowing kids and adults to construct their haunted houses, witches’ cottages, and other eerie structures. It’s a playful way to revel in the Halloween spirit and turn your home into a spooky wonderland.

Costco’s “Trick-or-Treat” Membership:

Costco has introduced a “Trick-or-Treat Membership” for Halloween. This special membership package offers exclusive discounts on a range of Halloween-themed products, candies, and decorations. It’s a clever way to engage with consumers and encourage Halloween shopping at their stores.


Halloween isn’t just about costumes and candies; it’s a time when brands let their creativity run wild. These 2023 Halloween brand makeovers and marketing tactics show how companies are reimagining their products and campaigns to keep the Halloween spirit alive. As you revel in the Halloween season, be on the lookout for these bewitching brand initiatives that aim to make your festivities all the more thrilling. Happy Halloween!