Important Market Research Tips for your Medical Device

Typically branding a medical device does not require ‘safety testing’ and FDA name approval, but it is still essential to conduct the right market research for your emerging device names. Your medical device needs to tick many boxes that can be evaluated through market research among your target audience. Here are a few of the important considerations to account for as you conduct your search for a medical device branding agency.

You want a name that’s easy to say, spell, and remember

A branding agency worth its salt will not show you name options that aren’t targeted to easy pronunciation, spelling, and recall. When you’ve narrowed down to your top 20 or so names, you calculate which options rise to the top within these metrics.

You need a strong naming strategy, back by research

These days, many medical device names are product-specific based on a feature, attribute, or benefit.  Therefore, positioning research is typically desired for market research.  This is a matter of understanding the audience and what names or attributes are found to be most relevant.  Relevancy can be measured in value (price) or importance.

This research is not only valuable for one particular naming product. You want to consider the insights garnered from this research as you develop your full naming architecture. From corporate to product-level naming, your naming architecture must convey the right brand messaging and conditioning across the board.

Name Safety Research

Though it’s far less intimidating than in the pharmaceutical world, if a medical device is a combination product used in concert with a drug, we recommend conducting safety testing for the drug-device combo. Regulatory bodies still oversee firms who manufacture, repackage, relabel or import medical devices. By running the right safety research upfront, you can avoid having to go back to the drawing board with a problematic name from a safety perspective. Save yourself this pain and anguish by accounting for their review in the brand naming process.

Verified Panel Vendors

It’s vital to ensure you’re getting quality research conducted by verified health care practitioners and patients in your identified target regions.

Avoid Survey Fatigue

The thought is quality over quantity. One of the advantages of hiring a niche medical device naming agency is developing proprietary surveys that ask the right questions from the right people. These surveys are carefully designed to ensure they take no longer than 15 minutes to complete. Any longer and you risk the data being polluted by respondents who “become bored, tired, or uninterested in the survey and begin to perform at a substandard level” (Survey Crest). Your survey development should follow a clear methodology and a project guide provided by your research provider at the outset of your project. The metrics should be optimized to fit your particular needs, but some examples of metrics to include in your name validation are:

  • Top of Mind Awareness (word parts/modifiers)
  • Initial Impression
  • Associations
  • Ease of Pronunciation
  • Fit to Concept
  • Recall
  • Attribute Importance
  • Attribute Evaluation
  • Favorite Choice

These are only a few of the most important considerations to follow when conducting name validation on your brand names through market research. Market research is an essential step in vetting your ultimate final name candidate and can mean the difference between a final name that celebrates success for years and positions your offering at the top within its sector or a name that doesn’t stand out in the crowd within the highly-competitive medical device space. For more critical tips on market research for your medical devices, please contact the experts at Brandsymbol.

[8:49 AM] Jacob Lindgren