Research Style – Self-Administered Questionnaires (SAQs)

There are several beneficial market research styles for gathering data or information. One of the most convenient and user-friendly of these are online, self-administered questionnaires. Why?

An online, self-administered questionnaire (SAQ) is a valuable method for collecting a wide range of information across a large number of individuals. This is due to the convenience of not having to rely on in-person or on-paper responses which allows the research to be accessed by an increased base of respondents.

The phrase “self-administered” refers to the fact that this type of questionnaire can be completed by a respondent without the researcher being present. Respondents can complete this type of questionnaire with the convenience of virtually communicating their thoughts and opinions in a non-restrictive way. SAQs also prove to be convenient for the researcher since they do not need to attend to every respondent.

These questionnaires are user-friendly because they permit respondents to not feel pressured to participate in the survey immediately, allowing for improved response rates. This process also fosters an opportunity for respondents to take their time and think about providing their best responses, thereby improving research quality.

What do you think? Will you be implementing SAQs in your next research initiative?