Verbal Brand Identity

The Situation

Acorda Therapeutics – a major, multinational pharmaceutical Company – challenged brandsymbol to quickly deliver world-class solutions for two distinct Brand identity needs:

  • Immediate, specific need to name an innovative seizure-cessation therapy, uniquely delivered in a nasal spray, and
  • Future, diverse need to replenish Acorda’s depleted name bank for branding future, new products.

The Solution

Brandsymbol focused its progressive name-generation process – including pharmaceutical prescreening, linguistic testing, and trademark evaluations – first on a single name, and finally on multiple names, to satisfy Acorda’s:

  • Immediate, specific need by creating Plumiaz, a world-class Brand name that strategically positions and clearly communicates the seizure-cessation delivery method (i.e., delivered in a plume) via “Plum-” and alludes to Diazepam, the medication’s active ingredient, via “-iaz,” and
  • Future, diverse need by presenting seventy-five world-class Brand names over three, increasingly targeted rounds, to provide Acorda with a new strategic direction for future branding.

The Success

In just six weeks, brandsymbol delivered appealing and approved Brand name on time and on budget. Plumiaz, the delivered immediate Brand name, won FDA approval, ensuring an on-time product launch.

In addition, brandsymbol replenished Acorda’s name bank with eight trademarked Brand names for use across multiple therapies. Acorda’s now-robust Brand name bank virtually eliminates future, last-minute naming problems. Brandsymbol established a mutually beneficial partnership, by greatly exceeding Acorda’s expectations, thus securing future branding business.

brandsymbol, branding agency, verbal Brand identity healthcare case study, Acorda Theraputics
verbal Brand identity healthcare case study, Acorda Theraputics, branding agency