Legacy Verbal Brand Identity

Brandsymbol principals worked directly with Cadillac to create the Company’s first unique Brand identity. This was a shift from Cadillac’s naming structure, which initially consisted heavily of alphanumeric brands.

The Brand identity Escalade was created along with a complete Brand strategy, positioning Cadillac’s first SUV as a distinctive luxury vehicle. This identity clearly differentiates Escalade from competitors that were using functional names (i.e., Navigator, Pathfinder). The created Escalade global Brand name utilized consumer validation and worldwide linguistic research to ensure international acceptance.

Currently, brandsymbol principals leverage past consumer branding experience, such as the iconic Escalade, to successfully impact a diverse array of world-class consumer clients. Brandsymbol also continues its relationship with General Motors by being one of the approved vendors for the leading automobile Company.

NOTE: Legacy case studies have been completed by brandsymbol principal(s) prior to brandsymbol’s inception.

brandsymbol, branding agency, verbal Brand identity B2B & B2C case study, Cadillac
B2B & B2C verbal Brand identity case study, Cadillac, branding agency