Brand Launch & Brand Management

The Situation

Shortly after acquiring AcipHex Sprinkle, FSC Pediatrics needed to develop a world-class Brand to support the product’s launch. This pediatric gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) medication offered a unique, kid-friendly delivery system (i.e., encapsulated powder, sprinkled on food) containing ingredients from AcipHex’s existing adult formulation. As FSC Pediatrics’ agency of record since June 2014, brandsymbol was tasked with developing this critical Brand launch.

The Solution

Brandsymbol developed a world-class Brand for AcipHex Sprinkle by retiring the acquired cast of Brand characters named for GERD symptoms: Bad Taste, Belching and Heartburn. In place of these mascot malcontents, a single Brand graphic extolling the product’s four primary benefits – made for kids, immediate symptom relief, long-term healing, and proven results – was chosen from three finalists through online research.

This straightforward, benefits-driven graphic anchored an extensive portfolio of advertisements and collateral materials that supported AcipHex Sprinkle’s product launch and strategically positioned it in the marketplace. These items clearly, consistently, and convincingly:

  • Helped FSC Pediatrics Sales present AcipHex Sprinkle to key customers (e.g., hospitals, physicians and pharmacies), using materials from sell sheets to Brand essence guidelines,
  • Educated and encouraged healthcare professionals (e.g., pediatricians) to prescribe AcipHex Sprinkle to their GERD-afflicted patients, using materials from medication guides to scrip pads, and
  • Communicated critical product and safety information effectively and efficiently to parents and patients alike, using materials from dosing cards to an AcipHex Sprinkle microsite.

The Success

Brandsymbol delivered a world-class AcipHex Sprinkle visual identity, that effectively and efficiently communicated the product’s key benefits. Targeted collateral materials supported an incredibly successful Brand launch, generating three-month sales that were more than double the forecasted totals.

Brand launch, Brand management healthcare case study, FSC Pediatrics, branding agency
Healthcare Brand launch collateral materials case study, FSC Pediatrics, branding agency