Verbal Brand Identity

The Situation

HP was set to deliver a versatile new point of sale (POS) system aimed at elevating the customer experience while supporting critical business operations. Designed to be both durable and powerful, Hewlett-Packard required a verbal Brand identity that would present to consumers an air of authority and confidence that this product would drive their businesses towards success.

The Solution

Brandsymbol established a dynamic creative team from around the world in order to create a list of names that would be: 1) strategically align with HP’s existing products; 2) effectively position it with in the marketplace; and 3) legally viable from a trademark perspective. Performing in-depth trademarked screening as a part of the name creative generation process allows for brandsymbol’s client to only be presented names that are actionable and ownable; as was the case when HP was presented with ElitePOS.

The Success

ElitePOS leaves no question that the product is the superior choice for business owners when it comes to a point of sale system. Inspiring confidence in potential buyers was key in the selection of this Brand identity, and ElitePOS does just that. ElitePOS continues to define the product for HP in this space, having branched the name out into various peripherals for the core system.