Brand Strategy: Industrial Software Provider

The Problem: Many Messages, Many Messengers

Charged with developing a business strategy for this global leader’s software Division, brandsymbol uncovered a world of information by soliciting input from stakeholders responsible for Company strategy. Feedback varied from person to person and time to time, underscoring the need for a clear, consistent, and compelling Company vision comprising:

  • Mission Statement outlining Company goals, values and principles
  • Business Strategy specifying product, financial and marketing strategies
  • Business Plan defining product, financial and marketing metrics

The Process: From Dissonance To Harmony

Combining the extensive expertise and experience of both Company and agency personnel, brandsymbol provided an optimal framework for crafting an effective and efficient Company vision. This focused combination of active listening and expert analysis identified a world of meaningful insights, derived from:

Global Best Practices

  • Permanent mission statement unifies eager stakeholders to accomplish a common goal
  • Business strategy provides a three-to-five year framework for implementing Company vision
  • Annual business plans specify immediate goals that drive daily performance

Industry Analysis

  • Mature industry with established players affords clear, but limited, opportunities for success
  • Industry scope expanding from industrial software provider to broad benefit provider (e.g., 3D Experience)
  • Minimal software category growth fuels heated market share competition among top players

Competitive Profiles

  • Cloud computing and industry sector needs impact product development, acquisition, and alliances
  • Distinct price tiers and discount policies define financial positioning
  • Clearly defined Brand messages and architectures produce effective marketing campaigns

The Plan: One Message, Many Messengers

Brandsymbol’s proposed plan to unite all Company stakeholders behind a shared purpose was enthusiastically, and unanimously, adopted by the entire Executive team, providing the foundation for systemic, long-term growth. This Company vision provided a blueprint for all future corporate messaging and branding, built on specific and actionable:

Mission Statement

  • Defined clear Brand positioning to fill void identified by market analysis
  • Differentiated Brand positioning versus competitors based on competitive analysis
  • Detailed specific vision components: who, what, when, where, and why

Business Strategy

  • Product strategy addresses specific industry opportunities while incorporating cloud computing
  • Financial strategy reflects corporate priorities, customized for software Division
  • Marketing strategy highlights need for new Brand message and house of brands architecture

Business Plan

  • Software Division plans drive global, corporate digitization message
  • Software Division plans support global, corporate branding campaign
  • Specific product, financial, and marketing metrics based on corresponding strategies