Corporate Identity

The Situation

MPM Capital solicited brandsymbol to develop a corporate identity for a new sister Company to Potenza Therapeutics that would be dedicated to advancing the successful development of immunotherapies. The created identity would require that it be: 1) unique and distinctive; 2) well received by medical professionals and patients; 3) supports the naming direction established by Potenza Therapeutics; and 4) stands strong on its own, as well as eventually establishing itself as a separate entity.

The Solution

Brandsymbol gathered insights through an in-person Strategy Workshop designed to fully understand the role, relationship, and expectations of the new Company. The goal was to build an identity that addressed the business strategy and corporate vision, as well as captivate its target audiences of patients and medical professionals. Using these insights to yield a formidable creative action-plan, brandsymbol developed and presented the corporate identity, Tizona Therapeutics.

The Success

Tizona borrows its name from an ancient sword carried by the hero El Cid from the earliest remaining Castillian epic poem, The Poem of the Cid. The legend of the sword states that its power is derived from the worthiness of its wielder and is said to frighten its unworthy opponents. As Potenza’s sister Company was conceived in order to become a leader in the field of immunotherapies for cancer treatment, the “worthiness” of their cause is of the loftiest level. Tizona is a powerful corporate identity and positions the Company as a leader their field, while tying them phonetically to Potenza with both having three syllables and multiple shared letters.


MPM Capital