Verbal Brand Identity

The Situation

Nikon – a leader in Sports Optics, globally recognized for their superior product performance – solicited brandsymbol’s expertise to deliver business solutions for two linked branding needs, consisting of: 1) a global Brand name that could span all markets, unlike current, country-specific product offerings; and 2) the need to align brands within Nikon’s product portfolio in order to prevent a pricing overlap.

The Solution

Brandsymbol simultaneously focused on a single Brand name and the entire Sport Optic product portfolio to:

  • Create the neologism ACULON, a world-class Brand name that combines accuracy with longevity, two qualities recognized and demanded in sports-optic products across the world; and
  • Perform an in-depth analysis of the current product portfolio and provide Nikon a strategic direction for ACULON’s future pricing.

The Success

Brandsymbol delivered the compelling Brand identity ACULON and placed it at the number one selling price point within Nikon’s existing product portfolio. As a result, ACULON has successfully been introduced across several continents – Asia, Europe and the US – making it Nikon’s first Sports Optic Brand sold in multiple geographic markets.

brandsymbol, branding agency, verbal Brand identity B2B & B2C case study, Nikon

B2B & B2C verbal Brand identity case study, Nikon, branding agency
B2B & B2C verbal Brand identity case study, Nikon Aculon, branding agency