5 Free Tools to Supercharge Your Pharmaceutical Naming Efforts

At Brandsymbol, we’re all about empowering you with the tools and tips you need to take your branding efforts to the next level. No gatekeeping here – just practical resources to fuel your success. In that spirit, we’re excited to share five tools that are completely free and will revolutionize the way you screen and validate your pharmaceutical brand name candidates.
  1.  AI-Powered Creative Tools: Let’s talk about AI, the game-changer of this generation. While it won’t replace the finesse of global naming experts (check out our upcoming blog on “The Human Element: why emotion is essential to brand development” for more insights), AI can supercharge your creativity. Think exploring associations, themes, competitive differentiation, and even analyzing target audience sentiments and preferences through data mining. Trust us. It’s a game-changer! 
  2. Trademarkia: Trademark Now offers a nifty free trademark search function. It’s your go-to for catching obvious conflicts in classes 5 and 10. Don’t waste time on names that aren’t attainable, right? This search won’t replace a comprehensive trademark prescreen or your legal counsel’s review, but it’ll help you knock out those glaring conflicts from the get-go. 
  3. FDA POCA: The FDA’s free POCA system is a must-use. We strongly recommend checking any name pairs with a 70% score or above. It doesn’t mean rejection—in fact, 8% of FDA-approved names in 2022 had a combined score of 70% or higher. But it’s a strong indication to dive deeper and evaluate potential risks. 
  4. AI-powered Linguistic Tools: Don’t get lost in translation. Give those names a linguistic spin with some free AI-powered tools. While they may not catch every nuance like a native-speaking professional, they’ll flag major translation concerns. Avoid any embarrassing mishaps and ensure your brand resonates across borders. 
  5. Internal Survey Tools: Want to avoid future heartburn? Test the waters with your internal team and key stakeholders. It’s all about aligning those names with your company’s vision and mission. These free survey tools are your secret weapon for gathering valuable feedback and ensuring your names hit the right notes within your organization. 

Whether you’re using them to independently generate some creative or validate names from your contractor, these tools can provide expedient solutions for your brand naming process. At Brandsymbol, we’re here to fuel your success. We hope you enjoy exploring these tools and reach out for more guidance as needed.