Brandsymbol’s Client, AMAG Pharmaceuticals, Gains FDA Approval For Vyleesi™

Posted June 24, 2019

CHARLOTTE, NC – AMAG Pharmaceuticals– a pharmaceutical company focused on bringing innovative products to patients with unmet medical needs- partnered with Brandsymbol to develop the name for a new injection for women.

After partnering with AMAG Pharmaceuticals -who in-licensed the compound from Palatin Technologies, Inc. in February 2017- Brandsymbol worked along side the AMAG team to deliver the brand name Vyleesi which has now received FDA approval.

The drug, bremelanotide, being sold under the brand name Vyleesi, is a before-sex-injection intended to treat premenopausal women with hypoactive sexual disorder which creates a distressing lack of interest in sex. Vyleesi is set to be available in September.

For this project, Brandsymbol coordinated the creative efforts with AMAG Pharmaceuticals through a collaborative production process, rigorous legal and trademark screening, linguistics testing, and extensive safety and regulatory research.

This approval marks a step in Brandsymbol’s progression and focus on the importance of client relationships and collaboration. Brandsymbol looks forward to cultivating a relationship with AMAG Pharmaceuticals and working towards even more successful brand names.

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