Ambulatory Advertising: Brand Consistency In A Mobile World

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Ambulatory Advertising: Brand Consistency In A Mobile World

BSYVantagePoint_AmbulatoryAdvertising_DSP_ContentImageMobile advertising has given brands more consumer touch points than ever before, making it a very appealing and necessary marketing channel to exploit.

Many brands have already begun allocating large budgets – in fact eMarketer projects spending will grow from $30 billion in 2015 to $42 billion this year. As the industry evolves into a mobile marketplace a Brand can now communicate with audiences around the clock, across multiple platforms, making commitment to consistency paramount.

“Brands and marketers continue to see increased value in mobile advertising to reach consumers,” says eMarketer analyst Martín Utreras; but taking advantage of this powerful reach requires that branding fundamentals like naming, positioning, and messaging are strategically strong so as to have the perfect voice no matter what the medium.

The reach and scope of mobile advertising is only expected to grow with an estimated 207-million smartphone users in the United States and a user base that is expected to exceed 2 billion worldwide this year. Whether it’s an app, a Facebook banner ad, an Instagram post, or paid Google search, keeping strict control over how a Brand speaks to the world will ultimately determine its level of success.


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