Brandsymbol Client Announces Fluent Fluid Management System

Posted August 17, 2018

CHARLOTTE, NC – Hologic, Inc. –an innovative medical technology Company primarily focused on improving women’s health– partnered with brandsymbol to develop the name for a new medical fluid management system inspired by input from healthcare professionals who have endured the complexities of fluid management firsthand.

Brandsymbol partnered with Hologic throughout the entire Brand naming process, utilizing the proprietary i4 Methodology from strategic development and alignment through world-class name creation and implementation.

“Fluid management plays a vital role in gynecological procedures, yet there have been few advances in the technology,” said Edward Evantash, M.D., Medical Director and Vice President of Global Medical Affairs, Hologic. “The Fluent system is changing the game in fluid management. Developed in response to the challenges facing nurses and doctors performing hysteroscopies, it combines a streamlined design with innovative technology for more efficient fluid monitoring during procedures.”

About Brandsymbol

With over two decades of experience, brandsymbol was founded with the goal of revitalizing the agency-client relationship by innovating and transforming the branding process, to deliver world-class solutions, customized for each client. Our proprietary i4 Methodology is engineered to provide senior-level expertise, global creative, advanced legal & regulatory solutions to deliver clients world-class brands that are based on facts and figures, not opinions and observations.

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