Brandsymbol’s Client, Intersect ENT, Gains FDA Approval For SINUVATM

Posted May 22, 2017

CHARLOTTE, NC – Intersect ENT – a medical technology Company located in Menlo Park, California – partnered with brandsymbol to develop the Company’s first FDA name submission for their steroid releasing sinus implant. After several weeks of coordinating directly with the FDA, brandsymbol’s delivered Brand name SINUVATM has gained FDA approval.

Brandsymbol partnered with Intersect ENT throughout the entire Brand naming project, from strategic development and alignment through to final FDA name approval. The delivered Brand name SINUVATM, strategically offers Intersect ENT an additional, stand-alone offering – next to their PROPEL® Brand – and clearly positions it within the market. In order to gain FDA approval, brandsymbol had to work closely with the FDA throughout the submission process and their introduction of the POCA 4.0 system.

According to Intersect ENT’s press release “SINUVATM is placed during a routine physician office visit … designed to provide a less invasive treatment option for patients with recurrent ethmoid sinus obstruction, including polyps, that might otherwise warrant a repeat surgical procedure.”

This project marks the second engagement between Intersect ENT and brandsymbol – first developing the Brand modifiers CONTOUR for well-known PROPEL® sinus implant. The successful name approval lead to the visual branding component, including logo development and packaging design, each with brandsymbol’s regulatory insights and oversite.


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