Posted April 15, 2019

Entering our 10th year, Brandsymbol is embarking on a journey that we have expertly guided numerous clients along. Undertaking a corporate rebrand is one of the most challenging and important endeavors that any company can assume, and one that must be deliberate and strategically focused.

We invite you to travel with us as we unveil various new key brand identity components of our own brand throughout the rest of the year, starting with the first and most visible component: our visual brand identity.

When Brandsymbol was founded around the core principle of a fervent commitment to the client in the delivery of successful and impactful branding solutions, led by an expert team of industry veterans, and guided by a strategic and proven methodology.

We strove to emphasize our dedication to the client in every interaction, as evident in the use of a lowercase “b” in our own corporate identity. This was done to communicate that our focus first and foremost is on the client, emphasized in the contrast of our lowercase logo shown next to the uppercase logos of many of our clients. The traditional, serif font was designed to convey trust and served as a subtle nod to the stewardship of our industry veterans, possessing nearly a century of combined leadership and expertise. The four-color bar below our wordmark represents our fact-driven i4 Methodology, which roots all brandsymbol projects in a strategy designed to deliver lasting results.

While this core principle will always remain at the center of everything we do here, our new visual identity is designed to illustrate Brandsymbol’s evolution and embody the success and confidence of 10 years of powerful branding solutions and the meaningful partnerships we have enjoyed with so many extraordinary clients and prominent brands.

Our new visual identity highlights Brandsymbol’s expertise as one of the world’s leading branding agencies. Our shift to an uppercase “B” is by no means intended to imply we are any less committed to our clients and their brands, but rather is meant to recognize our own growth and impressive history of world-class brand building for some of the most accomplished and significant companies in the world.

Our updated serif font retains the trust and stability evoked previously but is sharper and bolder with a darker color saturation, emphasizing the passion and talent we embed in every project. The four-color bar remains unchanged as a constant reminder that behind every great brand is a deliberate and focused strategy.

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