Brands That Make Fireworks

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With the 241st anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence quickly approaching, we want to take a moment to reflect and recognize some of the most iconic brands throughout America’s history. The 4th of July is all about America, fireworks, and food, so why not dive into some of the brands that have helped make this country great?


Henry Ford was onto something in the early 1900’s when he began creating his first version of the classic automobile. Little did he know; his last name would become a Brand that would live on for over a century. His assembly-line manufacturing process led to the automobile becoming an invention that was owned by nearly everyone in the country. One of the key factors that led to Ford’s success was the consistency behind his Brand. Henry Ford and his family were always the faces behind the Brand, and this led to consistency in both product and message. It comes as no surprise that Ford has become synonymous with America’s greatest brands.


McDonald’s is another example of an assembly-line manufacturing process leading to the “next great product”. McDonald’s is one of the most successful restaurants in American history, but it is also one of the most recognizable and well-known Brands in the entire world. Just like with any new product or logo, McDonald’s filed for a trademark of their iconic “Golden Arches” in 1961, and to this day, these arches can be found on any of the 14,000+ restaurants within the United States. McDonald’s created their Brand with a clear organizational strategy that has remained consistent and compelling throughout the Company’s entire history. Ray Kroc had a vision for his Brand to grow and be known all around the world. His perseverance and ability to franchise his stores through successful Brand architecture accomplished exactly that.

General Electric

After Thomas Edison created the light bulb and the electric grid, the General Electric founder established a Brand that would help the world work better. In the ever-changing digital world, General Electric is known for its social media smarts. With a goal to humanize the GE Brand, it recently used #springbreakit and #GEinstawalk, which asked GE influencers to share their GE experiences on Instagram. This offered a rare behind-the-scenes look to show their products in a fun and engaging way. GE also shares their Brand online by posting relevant content about Company news, ideas, and general work on their website. Aside from the main website, they publish relevant content through a sponsored online magazine called GE Reports and support a third-party technology website called “The Txchnologist.” GE lists The Txchnologist as “powered by GE,” which attaches their Brand name to a useful source of information for one of their target audiences, as well as positioning themselves as thought leaders within their industry.

These three Brands have been and will continue to be instrumental in shaping the America that so many will be celebrating this week.


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