Brandsymbol Brings In Creative Mastery, Lisa W. Rossi As Senior Director, Brand Identity

Posted November 21, 2016
Creative Ideation

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Brandsymbol, a fact-driven branding agency, announces the hiring of Lisa W. Rossi as Senior Director, Brand Identity, adding another experienced Brand-builder to further differentiate brandsymbol.

Bringing over two decades of branding and trademark law experience – working for both branding agencies and Fortune 100 corporations, as well as freelancing – L. W. Rossi will be tasked with harnessing the talent of brandsymbol’s Production Department and delivering clients world-class branding solutions.

L. W. Rossi began her branding career in 1996 at Addison Whitney, where she stayed for over five years, holding several positions both in the United States and Europe. There she was exposed to pharmaceutical, B2B, and B2C branding, working with clients such as GSK, Bayer, Hugo Boss, and Nestlé. From there, L. W. Rossi took her comprehensive knowledge of the branding industry and transitioned to the client-side, working first on managing new trademark development for Johnson & Johnson Vision Care’s Acuvue Brand, and then leading the Global Naming Department for Capital One.

Throughout her career, L. W. Rossi continued to share her passion for branding while further honing her creative skills, working with clients as a freelancer. In fact, she first joined the brandsymbol team back in 2010 as one of the initial global team members, contributing to numerous Verbal Brand Identity projects.

“While I was working as a freelancer, Clayton D. Tolley reached out and told me about the exciting opportunity to work with him again [after first meeting at Addison Whitney] and join brandsymbol as a part of their global team. It just clicked,” L. W. Rossi recalled. “I have worked with many branding agencies, and have seen their processes … what I saw C. D. Tolley building at brandsymbol I knew, was something I wanted to be a part of.”

After learning that L. W. Rossi was moving back to Charlotte, NC, “I knew she’d was the perfect person to successfully lead the naming team through sharing her deep experience in presenting appropriate name candidates to clients,” C. D. Tolley explains, “she has a great balance of left and right brain thinking with her experience in creative and legal, and has worked across industries … something that will be very beneficial to our team.”

“I’ve always had a passion for working directly with clients” L. W. Rossi adds on, “especially now, after being on the client side for a number of years, I wanted to get back into an agency to help these clients overcome hurdles that I had experienced and give them an experience they can’t get at other agencies.”


About Brandsymbol

With over two decades of experience, brandsymbol was founded with the goal of revitalizing the agency-client relationship by innovating and transforming the branding process, to deliver world-class solutions, customized for each client. Our proprietary i4 Methodology is engineered to provide senior-level expertise, global creative, advanced legal & regulatory solutions to deliver clients world-class brands that are based on facts and figures, not opinions and observations.


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