Brandsymbol Adds Branding Experience And Leadership With The Hiring Of Mike E. Williams, Vice President

Posted March 13, 2017

MEWwht_1CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Brandsymbol, a dynamic, fact-driven branding agency, announces the hiring of Mike E. Williams, Vice President, as a part of their continued growth in the pharmaceutical branding space.

M. E. Williams brings extensive healthcare and branding experience as well as strong communication and leadership skills to brandsymbol. His career started at Addison Whitney before moving to Innovatix – which was acquired by Premier, a healthcare improvement Company – where he has spent the last 14 years. While there, M. E. Williams discovered the impact of a strong client-relationship and developed a passion for fully committing to clients, ensuring they are receiving the product and service they require. This is the mentality that helped M. E. Williams grow a new division within Innovatix into a $2 Billion division, and the mentality that will ultimately make him successful at brandsymbol.

“M. E. Williams previously worked for me while we were at Addison Whitney” brandsymbol President & CEO Clayton D. Tolley commented, “I have always been impressed with his ability to connect with the client, the discipline he has in everything he did, and the leadership he brought to the team, coming from his experience as a United States Marine. We were very sad to see him leave back then, but I am delighted that he has decide to dive back into branding and join brandsymbol.”

It’s this client-focus that aligns perfectly with brandsymbol’s mission and makes M. E. Williams a great fit. M. E. Williams’ leadership skills and work ethic are sure to have an immediate impact, both for brandsymbol’s clients and the rest of the Account Team, sharing his strategies and tactics to push the agency to the next level.

No stranger to branding, M. E. Williams will leverage his past experience to assist in developing and growing brands, while striving to ensure that the agency remains client-focused. “I’m very excited to be back in branding,” M. E. Williams stated. “There is something special about working directly with the client and seeing the project all the way through completion. I still look back on one of my first projects, developing the corporate identity for Alkermes, that they still use today. It’s a great feeling to know you developed something timeless for a Company and I look forward to developing more brands like this while at brandsymbol.”


About Brandsymbol

With over two decades of experience, brandsymbol was founded with the goal of revitalizing the agency-client relationship by innovating and transforming the branding process, to deliver world-class solutions, customized for each client. Our proprietary i4 Methodology is engineered to provide senior-level expertise, global creative, advanced legal & regulatory solutions to deliver clients world-class brands that are based on facts and figures, not opinions and observations.


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